You are Blessed

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book3The king of Moab hires a prophet to curse, assassinate, dispossess, displace, defy, the children of God. This king wanted the children of God to be cursed. Why, because they were blessed, they were a peculiar people. God had chosen them, and wanted to show mercy and love towards them. The king, saw their potential. The king was afraid of the children of God. The king had been talking to other kings, princes, and the noble people of the land surrounding his kingdom. He had heard that these special people were very powerful, and that they had a special assignment from the God that brought them out of bondage in Egypt. The king’s insecurities cause him to be restless; so he wanted to get rid of these special people. He could not handle the blessing of God in their life. So he told the prophet to come and curse them, so that, he the king can drive them out of the area they chose to settle in, as they were heading to their promise land. Is this not usually how the enemy works against us, the children of God? Because, when God sent us on this pilgrimage on earth, God’s plans and thoughts for us was good. But during our time here, we encounter situations, conditions, treatment, that is not palatable to our soul. But fear not child of God! God is on the throne! He is ready to tackle down, pull down, cast out any principality that has chosen to temper with you.

The king took the prophet to three strategic places; the prophet was to cast his curses from these places. The Bible recorded in Numbers 23:9 that Balaam was taken to the “cliff top” or high place” or “top of the rock” Where is your high place? Your high place is your marriage or your family. The enemy does not want your marriage to survive. He is not happy when couples are in love. He is anti-marriage, check out the story in Genesis chapter three. He is not happy when your children are well behaved, obedient, and cooperate with the vision of the family. He is not happy when there is unity in your home. The first place he strikes is usually your family. When he has succeeded in cursing a marriage and the two people that use to love are now in court sharing what they worked so hard to build. Then the enemy is happy, the curse has worked. He knows when the couple is fighting one another, he can take control of the children. He knows that when the couple is cursed, they will immediately start to spill out poison on each other mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, and then they become weakened spiritually. Your high place is your connection with your creator God, who desires to spend time with you in the cool of the day. You cannot be engage in martial battle, and engage in spiritual warfare. Your spiritual fire cannot be burning brightly when you are embattled with the flesh of your flesh, the bone of your bone, the one you made a covenant with to love and hold forever. Love doesn’t look good, when it is worn on hate, offense, unforgiveness, malice, strife. Love cannot survive when mixed together with them!. Child of God, are you vigilant against the enemy? Do you understand that you are bless? In Numbers 22:12, God says that you are bless. He has told the enemy he can not harm you; are you abiding under His secret place so that, he can fight the enemy, so that your leg will not be moved from your high place?

To be continue.    I look forward to continuing this topic, on the next blog I will address the second area where the enemy will try to sow his evil plot to afflict the chosen, the beloved of God. Fear not, you are blessed. He may roar, but as we usuallysay in my church, the enemy is toothless, he is just making noise, he can’t bite. Remain blessed. Check out my new book. Dancing Through the Storm . Coming Soon on Amazon and Kindle. Be bless, Remain bless, live bless, and operate like a true child of God, that is the only way to terrorize the enemy!!!