Dancing With My Mother

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“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! Isaiah 49:15

On Sunday, I gave a talk at my church; it was a 45 minutes talk about getting a spiritual wake up call. As I was speaking, I observed the faces of people in the audience, I came to the realization that it is hard to be in a position where you are talking to the audience, and they are not allowed to interact with you; by asking any questions. It’s was hard to know what people were thinking as they sat in there. As I scanned through the room to keep the audience alert, and engaged by making eye contact with them, I observed the look on people’s faces. I saw some people falling asleep, others sat with smiles on their face; and others were playing with their electronic gadgets. I could not really read their thoughts or notice if they had connected to the message. I could not tell if some of them were angry that, I touched on areas where they needed to work on. Most of the faces just stared back at me, very focus. I talked until I was done with the message. Finally it was the end of the service. As I was leaving the sanctuary to go for prayers after the service; I went to do my usually Sunday routine of greeting the grandmothers of the church. There are a few of them I am very fond of. I had made plans to spoil my mother when I grew up. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to have her with me as an adult; she died when I was 15. I consider myself very fortunate to be at a church where there are people my age that still have their mother. I attend a predominately African church; and having the women around is an extra bonus because the mortality rate for Africa is high, people do not live as long as some other parts of the world; where the standard of living is better. The side, where they have access to great medical facility, and literacy is high. Anyone, that is Africa born, and raised, that is able to beat the odds against them; is very special to me.

Every Sunday, I make sure I do my bid to spoil them. During service, if I can, I make eye contact with them by smiling; I acknowledge that I see them with my smile. Usually after service, I go over to them and greet them physically, give them a hug; I help them carry their hand

bags.  I hold their hand, I ask their children, who are usually very upset that I go out of my way to make them seem like they don’t know how to spoil their mother to bring the car closer so that, their sweet mother does not have to walk. Their child, usually a daughter would say, “she needs to exercise, she can walk to the car” I would say to myself, “Oh, how I wish my mother was here, I would teach them how to spoil a sweet mother.”  But, since she is not, I enjoy for a brief moment the mothers that I have the privilege of meeting.

On Sunday, something spiritual happened. I heard God speak. I did my usually routine with one of the sweet mothers, I went over to greet her, she got up and hugged me, and she held me close, and as she was rubbing my back. She spoke these words into my hear, “Justina, the message was great. I am so proud of you”. I thanked her, and smiled as I walked away.  Oh my, how nice to hear someone say they are “proud” of me! I knew that God was trying to say something to me.  I felt it! I lost my mother when I was young, I don’t remember doing anything that would have warrant her to tell me that she was proud of me. May be she did, I don’t remember it; but I know that I would never forget that Mrs. Akintola, a sweet mother, said it, and I heard it and received it as if my mother had spoken it. It resonated with me, it seemed like God allowed me to hear the words in my mother’s voice. It was a spiritual encounter. I don’t know if you had the opportunity to hear your mother tell you that she was proud of you? I don’t know if you lost your mother like I did mine, or maybe you never had a mother, today I want to encourage you to remember that God knows, and He has sent someone to hug you, and also let you know that He is proud of you. Hold on to Him. God bless you